Our Go4Goal Football Experience Tours offer players from all over the world the opportunity to taste the life of a professional footballer. Travelling as part of a team, players are immersed in the full football experience from the moment they start their journey, bonding with their teammates and building camaraderie as they represent their local club abroad.



Arriving at their resort destination, they have access to top-of-the-range facilities to bring the experience to life. The timetable centres around Go4Goal’s world class coaching programme where we develop players using our unique position / possession / pressing football methodology. Our holistic approach focusses on all aspects of the player, including nutrition, strength and conditioning, and mental wellbeing.


In addition to enjoying masterclasses and fixtures including local and international friendlies, players take part in gym work and recovery sessions, living and breathing the life of a pro footballer.


The trip also includes cultural activities, and one of the highlights is a local stadium tour. Whether it’s the Camp Nou or Wembley, the opportunity to visit one of football’s greatest venues adds to this unforgettable experience. As well as honing their football ability, players come away with strong friendships, valuable life skills and memories of an experience that lasts long after the plane touches down at home.

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