smartfootball is a revolutionary and strategic program designed to enhance the football intelligence and abilities of young footballers. The smartfootball methodology is brand-new to the UK and exclusive to Go4Goal.

Leatherhead academy
Our brand-new Leatherhead academy launches on Monday, 10th September at Leatherhead Football Club. Come along to one of our trials: book now
Tolworth academy
Our Tolworth smartfootball academy will resume on Friday, 14th September at Goals Tolworth. Come along to one of our trials: book now
What is smartfootball?
Originating in Catalonia, Spain, the smartfootball methodology is based on problem solving, with the aim of enhancing players’ creativity and strategic intelligence, while improving their game awareness. The methodology revolves around the brain and its plastic capacity. It is a learning model that focusses on brain enrichment, aimed at developing more intelligent and creative players. The trademark style of Catalan / Spanish football is revered worldwide and continues to produce world-class players. The founders of smartfootball have many years’ experience at the highest level of the game, both domestically and internationally, and have worked with some of the leading coaches in world football.
smartfootball-attributes smartfootball is based on challenging the players’ thinking, making them more aware of their role in the team and allowing them to see the game unfold. The methodology helps the player develop strategies and understanding within the context of the game. The result is a more intelligent player who is tactically astute, and one who is constantly improving their general awareness and positional sense, both with and without the ball. Their reaction to transitions becomes more efficient, while their composure and ability to make time for themselves improves. All of the above are achieved through the setting of ‘Problems’ and questions, as well as repetition and classroom-based sessions, which combine to develop the football brain.

smartfootball School / Mini-dribblers

Goals Soccer Centre – Tolworth
Saturday 9:00 – 12:30


Tolworth Recreation Centre

smartfootball Academy

Goals Soccer Centre – Tolworth