An educative system designed to develop intelligent and creative football players. Smartfootball methodology is new to the UK and exclusive to Go4Goal.

Clinical specialist physiotherapist. Provides 1st class injury diagnosis & treatment for our players, with over 30 years experience in professional football (premier league & below)

A programme that positions mentality as a critical element of the overall sports performance equation.

Coach Cam is all about Health & Performance in football. Striving to help athletes move better, get stronger and become fitter.

Ian Taverner is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, passionate about nutrition and health. Ian’s motto is 'being healthy isn't complicated!'

About us

We care about long-term player development. Our programmes are inspired by ‘smartfootball’ methodologies; an educative system designed to train intelligent and creative football players. Following the ‘intelligence, integrity and innovation’ model, we help and guide players to come up with the best solution, empower them to have confidence in their decisions and learn from their experiences.

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Smartfootball is based on the brain and its plastic capacity. It is a learning model that focuses on brain enrichment with the aim of developing more intelligent and creative players. With smartfootball, we put the ball and decision-making process at the forefront of our minds throughout the whole session. Sessions are organised to prevent our players from ‘switching off’ during the exercises, and the overall goal is to build intelligent & experienced players at as young an age as possible.



Futsal is a fun variation of indoor 5-a-side football, with a unique set of rules. Its popularity as a sport is rapidly growing, so at Go4Goal we strive to be at the forefront of UK futsal development, working closely with the FA to offer our players a fantastic opportunity to be part of this movement.


Goalkeeping Academy

Having studied the Smartfootball methodology and to see what a positive impact it has had to our coaching style we decided to launch our Smartfootball Goalkeeping academy.


Holiday Club

Our holiday clubs are the best way to keep your children safe, occupied and entertained during school holidays, by offering a range of different activities. Our holiday clubs run during every school holiday period, excluding bank holiday, and facilitate early drop off and late pick-up. All sessions are delivered by qualified, experienced and CRB cleared coaches.


Go4Goal Tours

In 2017 we took the decision to facilitate football experience tours for players from all over the world to experience football in England and also with our delivery partners in Barcelona.

All of our Experience Tours include flights, transport, accommodation (full board and use of facilities), all football activities (smartfootball masterclasses & fixtures), stadium tours and cultural visits.

We have 4 Tour & Camp offers

UK Camps – London

Spain Tour – Barcelona

European Tour – London & Barcelona

Futsal Tour – Barcelona



We deliver services to a number of education providers ranging from primary schools through to Universities.

With our partners we offer seminars and certificated education courses.

Specialist Services

Individualised Coaching

This tailor-made programme delivered during school holidays is designed to meet each player’s unique development needs and unlock their potential.

Sessions are devised to challenge the player physically, mentally and technically to create more intelligent players.


Our sessions will:

- Improve the player technically and tactically in position

- Give a better understanding of roles and responsibilities

- Improve effectiveness in all aspects of possession

Our 1-2-1 and small-group coaching is the ideal preparation for trials and entry into pro-club academies.

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Favourite Player: George Best

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Favourite Player: Fowler

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Favourite Player: Ledley King

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Favourite Player: Ferrao

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Favourite Player: Gazza

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